High-cost imported accessories arrived in Darhor warehouse


In order to ensure the stability of product quality and customer satisfaction, Darhor insists on using high-cost imported accessories.


Our warehouse ushered in a batch of valve accessories that were shipped by air from abroad. After the measurement, grinding, cutting and inspection of the technical department and the production department, these parts will be used to assemble solenoid valves. After passing the second test, this batch of valves will be sent to major markets at home and abroad, and used in various water treatment equipment, fluid equipment, chemical equipment and other fields.


Despite the rising cost of raw materials, Darhor always adheres to the use of high-quality accessories to maintain product stability and maintain customer satisfaction. Therefore, in today's increasingly competitive environment, Darhor can win new customers while also ensuring the repurchase rate of old customers.

Preview: New high pressure solenoid valve

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